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If difficulty in expelling stool is the cause of constipation, it may be corrected with laxatives, also referred to as oral stimulants. Laxatives provide a chemical irritant to the bowel. Although a number of over-the-counter laxatives are available, care should be taken to avoid the use of harsh laxatives, which may be highly habit-forming. The same results may be obtained by using the fol-

lowing milder laxatives, which are less harmful to the bowel and induce bowel movements gently, usually overnight or within 8 to 12 hours:

• Pericolace®; take one or two capsules at bedtime; increase to two capsules twice a day if necessary;

• Perdiem® (yellow container, not to be confused with the bulk former Perdiem Plain®), which contains the bulk former found in Perdiem Plain® plus a mild stimulant or laxative effect; take one or two teaspoons once a day, placed in the mouth and swallowed with at least eight ounces of cool liquid, preferably more; and

• Milk of Magnesia®; take one ounce at bedtime every other day.

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Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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