Food Guide Pyramid A Guide to Daily Food Choices

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The food guide pyramid may help in deciding what and how much food to eat from each food group. It suggests adequate nutrients without excess calories, fats, cholesterol, simple sugar, or sodium. It is important to include selections from all five food groups in the diet.

The pyramid emphasizes reducing the amount of fat in the diet because most Americans eat too much fat, especially saturated fat.

The largest portion of the daily diet should come from the group at the bottom of the pyramid—grains. Choose whole grains rather than refined flour as much as possible because they have

Carrying a notebook and marking down your daily food intake may be an eye-opener.

more nutrients and more fiber. Six to eleven servings per day are appropriate. Keep in mind that a serving consists of one slice of bread or one half cup of rice.

Food Guide Pyramid

Carrying a notebook and marking down your daily food intake may be an eye-opener. At the end of three days, match the food groups and the recommended servings. Then make appropriate changes in your diet.

As a complement to the food guide pyramid, the Department of Agriculture has made the following general recommendations about several aspects of nutritional life-style.

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