Diarrhea and Incontinence

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Diarrhea is much less common than constipation in people with MS. However, it may be a significant problem because there may not be adequate warning of an impending attack and incontinence may therefore occur. The probable cause of such diarrhea is a reflex-like activity that results from the short-circuiting in MS, causing frequent emptying even though the bowel is not full.

The key to controlling diarrhea is to make the stool bulkier without producing constipation. Bulk formers such as Metamucil® or

Perdiem Plus® may be helpful because they absorb water and therefore make the stool firmer. When it is used to treat diarrhea, a bulk former should be taken no more than once a day, and it should not be followed by the recommended extra fluid that is needed when a bulk former is used to treat constipation. In extreme cases, medications that slow the movement of the bowel muscles may be needed to control diarrhea, such as Kaopectate®, Imodium®, or Lomotil®.

Other causes of diarrhea must be considered. A loose stool in a person with MS most often is caused by something other than MS!

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