Macrophagemediated cytostasis of tumour cells incorporation of radioactive labels

The cytostatic effects of activated macrophages on tumour cells can be evaluated by a post-labelling technique using [:!H]thymidine as the radiolabel (17, 26-28). f or this assay, in vivo- or in vitro-activated macrophages are mixed with suspensions of tumour target cells, usually leukaemia or lymphoma ccll lines (for example, the K562 human erythroleukaemia and the WEHI-3B murine myelomonocytic leukaemia), at a synchronized phase of the growth cycle (usually 18 hours after subculture of the target cells). Tritiated thymidine is then added after an additional incubation period, and thymidine incorporation by target cells is taken as a measure of cellular proliferation, Protocol 5 describes a method for the assessment of macrophage-mediated tumour cytostasis.

Protocol 5

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