Virus Capture

1. After antibody coating, wash the PCR plate wells three times with 200 pL of washing buffer, then block with 100 pL of SEB for 1.5 h at 37°C.

2. Knock the SEB out onto a paper tissue pad and wash the plates twice with 200 pL of wash buffer.

3. Add 50 pL of tuber extract to individual tubes on the plate.

4. To this extract, add 50 pL of enzyme solution diluted in SEB (see Note 3). Incubate the plates overnight at 4°C.

5. Remove the extracts from the tubes by knocking the plates on an absorbent pad, then wash three times with 200 pL of wash buffer. Should the sample adhere to the wells, soak the plates for 3 min during the wash stage.

6. Rinse with 200 pL of 1X RT buffer and flick out the remaining liquid before proceeding with the cDNA synthesis step.

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