Purity and Recovery Analysis of the Separated Cell Product

1. Using appropriate excitation and emission light settings on the FACS

flow cytometer set up for PE fluorescence detection, and adjust gat ing settings using forward and side light scatter to distinguish PBL

from red blood cells and platelets. Determine PE-positive cell percent fraction in the original sample and in the separated cell frac tions. Report CD56+ cell purity as the percent CD56+ cell fraction in the sample, as illustrated in Fig. 1.

2. Calculate CD56+ cell number in the original and in the separated fractions by multiplying their cell concentrations by the corresponding cell volumes. Report fractional CD56+ cell recovery as the ratio of the CD56+ cell number in the separated fraction to that in the original sample.

3. Report cell population viabilities as measured by the Trypan blue exclusion test in the original and sorted cell samples.

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