PEG Medium for Cell Fusions see Note

1. Autoclave 20 g of PEG 4000 MW in a glass universal at 121°C/ 24 min.

2. When cool enough to handle quickly add 20 mL of RPMI 1640 without FBS.

3. Mix well and dispense in 2-mL aliquots.

4. Check sterility.

5. Store at room temperature in dark (see Note 6).

6. 96-Well tissue culture plates.

7. 24-Well tissue culture plates.

8. 25-cm "T" tissue culture flasks.

9. Cryovials.

10. Sterile glass Petri dish and one pair of sterile "frosted end" glass microscope slides.

12. Microbiological safety cabinet (class 2 preferably).

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