Topical Steroid Sprays or Drops

Steroids can be delivered topically (to the surface) using sprays or drops to the nose or they can be taken by mouth. The new generation of topical nasal steroid sprays or drops can be taken to control symptoms for many years as very little is absorbed into the body. Topical nasal steroid sprays are particularly effective at improving the nasal airway, as well as helping to reduce itching, sneezing, and nasal discharge. Occasionally these sprays can produce some dryness or spotting of blood. If the spray is used in the right hand for the left nostril, and vice versa, the bleeding can be minimized because the spray doesn't always hit the same part of the partition down the middle of the nose (the septum).

Steroids in tablet form can provide good relief of symptoms if the problems are severe, but the effects are short-lived and they have to be used sparingly because of concern about side effects.

Allergic To Everything

Allergic To Everything

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  • morgan
    How to spray to middle turbinate?
    8 years ago
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    How much steroid in drops vs spray?
    7 years ago

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