A straight-ended sucker with a bend two-thirds down its shaft with a fenestration is good for most purposes. The bore needs to be wide enough to cope with moderate bleeding; otherwise, the operator will spend most of their time trying to aspirate blood rather than operating. The fenestration is useful because, without it, if the sucker is introduced into the nose with a collection of blood, it can suck it with such force that the blood can splatter over the end of the endoscope. If the fenestration is uncovered and the sucker is introduced into the pooled blood posteriorly and then the fenestration is covered, this will not happen. A 2 mm diameter sucker is ideal for locating the sphenoid sinus adjacent to the septum about 1 cm above the posterior choana. A sucker with a larger diameter will often fail to find the area of thin bone in this area that enables the sphenoid sinus to be located safely (Fig. 10.11 a, b).

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Allergic To Everything

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