Nasal Polyps

The cause of most inflammatory polyps remains a mystery in spite of extensive work describing their cell morphology, IgE, and cytokine profiles (Kramer et al., 2000), as well as exploring some possible genetic associations (Irving et al., 1997). Why nasal polyps present more than twice as frequently in men is unknown. It is often said that polyps are caused by allergy, although atopy is no more prevalent in patients with nasal polyps than in the whole population (Slavin, 1997). However, a higher proportion of women than men with nasal polyps have asthma (Drake-Lee, 1987). With this in mind, it is important to define the term atopy and not equate it with asthma, as the majority of people with late-onset asthma are nonatopic (i.e., skin-prick test negative and normal serum IgE levels). Nasal polyps from both atopic and nonatopic patients sent for histological examination are invariably reported as "allergic" because of the presence of eosinophils. Raised levels of IL-5 and IgE have been found in both groups (Kramer et al., 2000), so is it possible that there is local "allergy" to inhaled inert antigens, bacterial (Bachert et al., 2001), fungal (Ponikau et al., 1999), or viral (Perelmurrer et al., 1979) antigens.

Allergic To Everything

Allergic To Everything

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