Malignant Melanoma

The management of malignant melanoma suggests that an initial en bloc resection with radiotherapy is associated with a lower local recurrence and meta-static rate in spite of its relatively low radiosensitivity.

Reconstruction Turbinate
Fig. 15.55 a A right hemorrhagic polyp in the olfactory cleft— an olfactory neuroblastoma. b Reconstructed coronal CT scan

However, the prognosis is poor, with approximately only 1 in 4 surviving 5 years. The endoscope is useful for examining the nasal lining for evidence of satellite lesions, although about a one-third are amelanotic. The endoscope has the potential to reduce morbidity in dealing with recurrent disease and there is no evidence that doing a wider resection when it has recurred gives a better result than piecemeal resection (Fig. 15.56a, b).

How To Prevent Skin Cancer

How To Prevent Skin Cancer

Complete Guide to Preventing Skin Cancer. We all know enough to fear the name, just as we do the words tumor and malignant. But apart from that, most of us know very little at all about cancer, especially skin cancer in itself. If I were to ask you to tell me about skin cancer right now, what would you say? Apart from the fact that its a cancer on the skin, that is.

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