How To Prepare A Wet Mount

1. Using a pipette bulb, aspirate a small amount of the Proteus culture with a capillary pipette and place a small drop on a clean microscope slide (fig. 3.2, step 1).

2. Carefully place a clean cover glass (see Experiment 3.1, procedure 1) over the drop, trying to avoid bubble formation (fig. 3.2, step 2). The fluid should not leak out from under the edges of the cover glass. If it does, wait until it dries before sealing.

3. If you examine the slide immediately, you need not seal the coverslip. Otherwise, seal around the edges of the coverslip with a thin film of clear nail polish (fig. 3.2, step 3). Be certain the nail polish is completely dry before examining the slide under the microscope.

4. Examine the preparation in the same manner as in Experiment 3.1, following procedures 6 through 10. Instead of focusing on the edge of the drop, however, you may find it helpful to focus first on the left-hand edge of the coverslip.

5. Make a wet-mount preparation of the Staphylococcus culture, following the same procedures just described.

Figure 3.2 Wet-mount preparation.

Wet Mount Procedure

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Laboratory Manual and Microbiology Morphology of Companies, 2003

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