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Superficial Muscles, Posterior View

Write the name of each numbered part on the corresponding line of the answer sheet.

Teres Minor

Biceps femoris Deltoid

Gastrocnemius Gluteus maximus Latissimus dorsi Peroneus longus Semimembranosus Semitendinosus Sternocleidomastoid Teres major Teres minor Trapezius Triceps brachii

Match the following terms and write the appropriate letter to the left of each number:

1. biceps brachii

2. deltoid

3. semitendinosus

4. gastrocnemius

5. quadriceps femoris a. main muscle of the calf b. triangular muscle that covers the shoulder c. one of the hamstring muscles d. anterior muscle of the upper arm that flexes the forearm e. large muscle group of the anterior thigh

6. pectoralis major

7. rectus abdominis

8. intercostal

9. latissimus dorsi 10. gluteus maximus a. muscle that runs vertically at the center of the anterior trunk b. main muscle of the buttocks c. muscle between the ribs d. large muscle of the upper chest e. large muscle across the back below the trapezius

_ 11. bradykinesia a.


_ 16. aponeurosis a.

abnormal muscle tone excess fibrin in the blood a contractile protein in muscle cells slowness of movement acting on muscle fibers substance that stores energy in muscle cells flat, white, sheetlike tendon substance that accumulates in muscles working anaerobically group of muscles around the shoulder joint a type of muscle contraction

23. rhabdomyolysis c.

24. asthenia d.

25. atrophy e.

weakness lack of muscle coordination muscular spasms and cramps wasting or decrease in size of tissue disease involving destruction of muscle cells

_ 26. avulsion a. pigment that stores oxygen in muscle cells

_ 27. torticollis b. awareness of movement

_ 28. athetosis c. wryneck

_ 29. kinesthesia d. forcible tearing away of a part

_ 30. myoglobin e. condition marked by slow, twisting movements

Fill in the blanks:

31. The neurotransmitter released at the neuromuscular junction is _

32. A muscle that produces flexion at a joint is called a(n) _

33. The number of origins (heads) in the biceps brachii muscle is

34. The sheath of connective tissue that covers a muscle is called

35. A band of connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone is a(n)

36. The strong, cordlike tendon that attaches the calf muscle to the heel is the

37. Movement toward the midline of the body is termed Define each of the following words:

38. myofascial (mi-o-FASH-e-al)

39. myonecrosis (mi-o-ne-KRO-sis)

41. tenorrhaphy (ten-OR-a-fe)

43. hyperkinesia (hi -per-ki-NE-se-a)

Word building. Write a word for each of the following definitions:

46. incision of fascia __

47. inflammation of fascia _

48. study of movement __

50. pertaining to a tendon __

Opposites. Write a word that has the opposite meaning of each of the following terms as they pertain to muscles:

51. antagonist _

52. insertion _

53. adduction _

54. pronation _

55. extension _

Supplementary terms. Write the adjective form of each of the following words:

57. athetosis _

Abbreviations. Write the meaning of each of the following:

Word analysis. Define each of the following words, and give the meaning of the word parts in each. Use a dictionary if necessary.

65. isometric _

66. amyotrophic _

67. myasthenia _

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