Write the adjective that fits each of the following definitions. The correct suffix is given in parentheses.

1. Pertaining to (-ic) the head cephalic

2. Pertaining to (-ic) the chest

3. Pertaining to (-al) the neck

4. Pertaining to (-ar) the lower back

5. Pertaining to (-al) the abdomen Fill in the blanks:

6. Peritonitis (per-i-to-NI-tis) is inflammation (-itis) of the _

7. Celiocentesis (se-le-o-sen-TE-sis) is surgical puncture (centesis) of the

BOX 5-1 Cutting the Job in Half

A beginning student in medical science may be surprised by the vast number of names and terms that he or she is required to learn. This responsibility is lightened somewhat by the fact that we are bilaterally symmetrical. That is, aside from some internal organs such as the liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas, and intestine, nearly everything on the right side can be found on the left as well. The skeleton can be figuratively split down the center, giving equal structures on both sides of the midline. Many blood vessels and nerves are paired. This cuts the learning in half.

In addition, many of the blood vessels and nerves in a region have the same name. The radial artery, radial vein, and radial nerve are parallel, and all are located along the radius of the forearm. Vessels are commonly named for the organ they supply: the hepatic artery and vein of the liver, the pulmonary artery and vein of the lungs, the renal artery and vein of the kidney.

No one could say that the learning of medical terminology is a snap, but it could be harder!

TABLE 5-2 Roots for the Extremities






extremity, end

acrodermatitis ak-ro-der-ma-Ti-tis

inflammation of the skin of the extremities



ante brachium an-te-BRA-ke-um



finger, toe

polydactyly pol-e-DAK-til-e

having more than the normal number of fingers or toes



dextropedal deks-TROP-e-dal

using the right foot in preference to the left



podia tric po-de-AT-rik

pertaining to study and treatment of the foot

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