Match the following terms and write the appropriate letter to the left of each number:

_ 1. endonasal (en-do-NA-zal) a. placement of the heart outside its normal position

_ 2. syndrome (SIN-drom) b. middle layer of the developing embryo

_ 3. mesoderm (MES-o-derm) c. the last stage of cell division

_ 4. ectocardia (ek-to-KAR-de-a) d. within the nose

_ 5. Telophase (TEL-e-faz) e. group of symptoms occurring together

Identify and define the prefix in each of the following words:

Prefix Meaning of Prefix

Write the opposite of each of the following words:

11. exogenous (outside the organism) _


12. sinistromanual (left handed) _


13. endoderm (outermost layer of the embryo) _


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