Chapter Review

Match the following terms and write the appropriate letter to the left of each number:

1. carcinogenic

2. pathogenic

3. adenocarcinoma

4. encephalitis

5. hepatomegaly a. enlargement of the liver b. causing cancer c. cancer of glandular tissue d. causing disease e. inflammation of the brain

6. apyrexia

7. detoxification

8. sclerotic

9. oncolysis 10. lithotomy a. incision to remove a stone b. hardened c. absence of a fever d. destruction of a tumor e. removal of poisons

11. xerotic

12. dyskinesia

13. pachyemia

14. pyorrhea

15. dactyledema a. dry b. thickness of the blood c. swelling of the fingers or toes d. abnormal movement e. discharge of pus

16. lesion

17. nephroptosis

18. hemostasis

19. ectasia

20. autolysis a. self-destruction b. local wound or injury c. dilatation d. stoppage of blood flow e. dropping of the kidney

21. cardiorrhexis

22. stenosis

23. cephaledema

24. adenopathy

25. septicemia a. any disease of a gland b. rupture of the heart c. narrowing d. presence of pathogens in the blood e. accumulation of fluid in the head

26. bacilli

27. helminths a. round bacteria in clusters b. round bacteria in chains

28. streptococci

29. mycosis

30. staphylococci c. fungal infection d. rod-shaped bacteria e. worms


_ 31. purulent

_ 32. idiopathic

_ 33. adhesion

_ 34. nosocomial

_ 35. polyp a. having no known cause b. hospital-acquired c. tumor attached by a thin stalk d. forming or containing pus e. union of two surfaces or parts

Fill in the blanks:

36. Any abnormal and uncontrolled growth of tissue, whether benign or malignant, is called a(n)

37. Heat, pain, redness, and swelling are the four major signs of _

38. A disease of long duration that progresses slowly is described as

39. The spreading of cancer to other parts of the body is called __

40. A malignant tumor of connective tissue is called __________

41. Toxicology is the study of _

42. Death of tissue is called _

43. A sudden contraction or cramp is called a(n)

44. Protrusion of an organ through an abnormal opening is a(n)

Word building. Use the suffix -genesis to write words with the following meanings:

45. Formation of cancer _carcinogenesis

46. Origin of any disease _

47. Formation of a tumor _

48. Formation of pus _

The root neur/o pertains to the nervous system or a nerve. Add a suffix to this root to form words with the following meanings:

49. Any disease of the nervous system _

50. Inflammation of a nerve _

52. Tumor of nervous tissue _

Use the root oste/o, meaning "bone," to form words with the following meanings:

53. Softening of a bone _

55. Destruction of bone tissue _

56. Breaking of a bone _

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