Chapter Review

Match the following terms and write the appropriate letter to the left of each number:

1. abrachia

2. acrocyanosis

3. laparotomy

4. adactyly

5. thoracotomy

__6. antebrachium

__7. celiocentesis

__8. macropodia

__9. epidermis

__10. syndactyly


__13. sphincter

__15. sinus a. incision into the chest b. absence of an arm c. absence of a finger or toe d. bluish discoloration of the extremities e. incision through the abdominal wall a. fusion of the fingers or toes b. excessive size of the feet c. outer layer of the skin d. forearm e. surgical puncture of the abdomen a. cavity, as in a bone b. circular muscle that regulates an opening c. central opening of a tube d. dividing wall e. base of a hollow organ

True-False. Examine each of the following statements. If the statement is true, write T in the first blank. If the statement is false, write F in the first blank and correct the statement by replacing the underlined word in the second blank.

16. The cranial and spinal cavities are the ventral body cavities.

18. A midsagittal plane divides the body into equal right and left parts. _ _

19. A frontal plane divides the body into anterior and posterior parts. _ _

20. The thoracic cavity is inferior to the abdominal cavity. _ _

21. The epigastric region is above the stomach. _ _

22. The right hypochondriac region is in the RUQ. _ _

23. In the supine position, the patient is lying face-down. _ _

Adjectives. Name the part of the body referred to in each of the following adjectives:

24. cervical_

25. cephalic_


26. brachial_

27. celiac_

28. thoracic_

29. peritoneal_

30. pedal_

Define the following words:

31. intra-abdominal _

32. retroperitoneal _

33. sublingual _

34. intergluteal _

35. abdominopelvic _

Synonyms. Write a word that has the same meaning as each of the following words:

36. periocular_

37. submammary_

38. posterior_

Opposites. Write a word that has the opposite meaning of each of the following words:

40. macrocephaly_

41. extracellular_

42. proximal_

43. superior_

44. infrapubic_

45. superficial_

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