Chapter Review

Match the following terms and write the

_ 3. unilateral

_ 4. polymorphous

_ 5. hemithorax appropriate letter to the left of each number:

a. one half or one side of the chest b. having many forms c. to cut into three parts d. pertaining to one side e. first

6. neonate

7. melanoma a. cell with yellow color b. through the skin

8. xanthocyte

9. percutaneous

10. leukoderma

11. heterothermic

12. mesencephalon

13. panplegia

14. telencephalon

15. orthopedic c. dark tumor d. a newborn e. loss of color in the skin a. endbrain b. having varying body temperature c. total paralysis d. correcting or preventing deformities e. midbrain

Match each of the following prefixes with its meaning:

Fill in the blanks:

21. A monocular microscope has _

22. To bisect is to cut into _


23. A quadruped animal has parts. feet.

24. Sinistrad means toward the

26. A unicellular organism is composed of

27. A diatomic molecule has _

28. A tetralogy is composed of _

Identify and define the prefix in each of the following words:

Prefix Meaning of Prefix

35. contraindication ___

42. microsurgery _ _

44. ectoparasite _ _

Opposites. Write a word that means the opposite of each of the following:

48. responsive _

51. sufficient _

52. exotoxin _

53. macroscopic _

54. homograft _

55. hypoactive _

56. preoperative _

Synonyms. Write a word that means the same as each of the following:

57. supersensitivity _

58. megalocyte (extremely large red blood cell) _

59. antenatal _

60. equilateral (having equal sides) _

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