Crossword Female Reproductive System Pregnancy and Birth

External Reproductive System


1. Neck of the uterus: root 6. Fallopian tube 8. Vagina: root

10. Outside the normal position

13. Tube between the uterus and the external genitalia

15. Developing infant in the uterus from the third month of gestation: combining form

16. Premature separation of the placenta:_


18. In, within: prefix

20. The outermost layer of the embryo; forms the inner portion of the placenta


2. Outside, away from: prefix

3. Against: prefix

4. Removal of tissue for laboratory study

5. The reproductive and urinary systems together: abbreviation

7. Substance or agent that causes birth abnormalities 9. The region between the thighs, including the genitalia

11. Hernia, localized dilation; suffix

12. To release an ovum from the ovary 14. Erectile tissue in the female: root 17. Labor: root

19. Down, without, removal: prefix

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