Crossword Male Reproductive System

Reproductive System Crossword


1. The male gonad

5. Abnormal, painful, difficult: prefix

6. Pertaining to condition of urine: suffix 9. A reproductive organ

10. Stone or calculus: root 13. Male gamete or sex cell 16. Main male sex hormone

18. Protein associated with prostate cancer: abbreviation

19. Semen or spermatozoa: root


1. Self-examination of the testis: abbreviation

2. Sac that holds the testis

3. Testis: combining form

4. Ductus deferens: root

7. A reproductive or germ cell

8. Gland that contributes to semen

11. High blood pressure: abbreviation

12. Type of cell division that forms the gametes

14. Hernia or localized dilation: suffix

15. Male reproductive gland: root 17. Condition of: suffix

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  • adalfredo
    What two abbreviations for male reproductive system?
    7 years ago

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