BOX 11 Pronunciations

When pronunciations are included in a text, it is sometimes difficult to know which pronunciation of a term to use. Pronunciations may vary from country to country, even in different regions of the same country. Think how easy it is to distinguish a southern accent and one from the midwest or northeastern United States. The general rule is to include the most common pronunciation.

The word gynecology is usually pronounced with a hard g in the United States, but in many areas a soft g is used, as in jin-e-KOL-o-je. Words pertaining to the cerebrum (largest part of the brain) may have an accent on different syllables. The adjective is usually pronounced with the accent on the second syllable (se-RE-bral), but in cerebrum (SER-e-brum) and cerebrospinal (ser-e-bro-SPI -nal), the accented syllable differs.

The name for the first part of the small intestine (duodenum) is often pronounced du-o-DE-num, although the pronunciation du-O-de-num is also acceptable. When extreme, some alternate pronunciations can sound like a foreign language. The word we pronounce as SKEL-e-tal is pronounced in some other English-speaking countries as ske-LE-tal.

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