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Answers to Chapter Exercises


10. cold

11. sound

12. electricity

13. sound, ultrasound

14. pressure

15. light


15. gastrotomy (gas-TROT-o-me)

16. dermatome (DER-ma-tom)



6. arthrodesis (ar-thro-DE-sis)

7. arthrotomy (ar-THROT-o-me)

8. arthroplasty (AR-thro-plas-te)

9. arthrotome (AR-thro-tom)

10. hepatorrhaphy (hep-a-TOR-a-fe)

11. hepatotomy (hep-a-TOT-o-me)

12. hepatectomy (hep-a-TEK-to-me)

13. hepatopexy (HEP-a-to-pek-se)

14. tracheostomy (tra-ke-OS-to-me)

a d c d e a b b e a d c b d c e a d c e a b e a d b c d c a e b erg/o; work radi/o; radiation, x-ray chron/o; time bar/o; pressure aer/o; air, oxygen _

cystorrhaphy (sis-_TOR-a-_fe )

cystoplasty (SIS-to-plas-_e)

cystotomy (sis-TOT-o-me)

cystopexy (SIS-to-pek-se)

45. cystostomy (sis-TOS-to-me)

46. Chemotherapy. The others are examining methods; chemotherapy is treatment with chemicals.

47. Syncope. The others are examining instruments; syncope is fainting.

48. Sequela. The others are surgical instruments; sequela is a lasting effect of disease.

49. TMN. The others are abbreviations for imaging techniques; TMN is an abbreviation for a system of staging cancer.

50. working together of parts or drugs a. together b. work c. condition of

51. Formation of color or pigment a. color b. origin, formation c. condition of

52. instrument for recording chest sounds a. sound b. chest c. instrument for recording data

Answers to Case Study Questions

1. sequelae

2. palpation

3. normocephalic

4. paracentesis

5. biopsy

6. diagnostic laparoscopy

7. hyperabduction

13. history of present illness

14. cancer

15. activities of daily living

16. temperature, pulse, respiration

17. beats per minute

18. within normal limits

19. discontinue

20. normal saline solution

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