Development in the Mosquito Sexual Development and Sporogony

This developmental stage is shown in detail in Fig. 9.17b and will only be described briefly here. In the mosquito midgut, each microgamont develops into (in most cases) eight uninucleate, flagellate microgametes and the macrogamont is transformed into a macrogamete ! fusion of a microgamete and macrogamete to form a motile zygote (ookinete) ! the ookinetes occupy the space between the epithelial layer and basal membrane of the midgut ! morphological transformation into oocysts (40-60 im) ! in oocyst nuclear proliferation and production of thousands of sporozoites ! sporozoites emerge into the hemolymph and migrate through the body cavity to the salivary glands, from where they can be transmitted to a new host. The duration of the cycle in the mosquito depends on the plasmodial species and the ambient temperature; at 20-28 °C, it takes eight to 14 days.

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