Sources for Further Study

Hodgson, J., and A. W. Illius, eds. The Ecology and Management of Grazing Systems. Wallingford, Oxon, England: CAB International, 1996. Synthesizes research from plant science, animal science, and ecology and looks at current issues in grazing across the world. Covers the principles of herbage growth and competition, animal nutrition and grazing behavior, and the interactions of plant and animal factors.

McBrien, Heather, et al. "A Case of Insect Grazing Affecting Plant Succession." Ecology 64, no. 5 (1983). An example of grazing research and many interrelated issues.

Sousa, Wayne P. "The Role of Disturbance in Natural Communities." Annual Review Ecological Systems 15 (1984). Discusses the importance of natural disturbances in maintaining an ecosystem's health.

Vogl, Richard J. "Some Basic Principles of Grassland Fire Management." Environmental Management 3, no. 1 (1979). A good introduction to controlled burns in California.

WallisDeVries, Michiel F., Jan P. Bakker, and Sipke E. Van Wieren, eds. Grazing and Conservation Management. Boston: Kluwer Academic, 1998. A comprehensive overview of the use of grazing as a tool in conservation management. Considers the ecological and historical background, the impact of grazing on community structure, management applications, and future prospects.

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