Sources for Further Study

Chapman, G. P., ed. Grass Evolution and Domestication. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1992. An edited volume that treats grass evolution in general as well as the domestication of selected grains.

Iltis, H. H. "Homoeotic Sexual Translocations and the Origin of Maize (Zea mays, Poaceae): A New Look at an Old Problem." Economic Botany 54 (2000): 7-42. A discussion of a possible manner in which modern corn arose from its closest ancestor.

Pringle, H. "The Slow Birth of Agriculture." Science 282 (1998): 1446-1450. Covers the role of grains as agriculture emerged in various parts of the world.

Simpson, Beryl B., and Molly C. Ogorzaly. Economic Botany: Plants in Our World. 3d ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2001. In this text, an entire chapter is devoted to grains. A lively and well-illustrated account of the major plant crops of the world.

Smartt, J. J., and N. W. Simmonds, eds. Evolution of Crop Plants. 2d ed. London: Longman Scientific & Technical, 1995. This volume provides an account of almost every crop species, with each article written by an authority on that species and its relatives.

Zohary, D., and M. Hopf. Domestication of Plants in the Old World. Oxford, England: Clarendon Press, 1993. Most cultivated plants were domesticated in the Old World, and Zohary and Hopf provide a summary of when, where, and how domestication of each occurred.

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