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Acid Precipitation pH Scale (bar graph) I-3

Africa, Desertification of (map) I-301

African Countries with More than 15 Percent Arable Land, Leading Agricultural Crops of (table) . . . I-15

African Rain Forests (Sidebar) III-884

Africa's Agricultural Products (map) I-13

Air Pollutant Emissions by Pollutant and Source, 1998 (table) I-45

Algae, Classification of (table) I-49

Algae, Types of (drawing) I-48

Angiosperm, Life Cycle of an (drawing) I-66

Angiosperms and Continental Drift (drawing) I-63

Antibiotic Resistance, The Growth of (table) I-122

Ants and Acacias (sidebar) I-254

Asian Countries with More than 15 Percent Arable Land, Leading Agricultural Crops of (table) . . . . I-93 Australia, Selected Agricultural Products of (map) I-103

Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus popilliae as Microbial Biocontrol Agents (table) I-155

Bacterial Diseases of Plants, Some (table) I-115

Biomes and Their Features (table) I-148

Biomes of the World (map) I-151

Biomes (percentages), Terrestrial (pie chart) I-152

Brown Algae (drawing) I-165

Cacao: The Chocolate Bean (sidebar) I-211

Carbon Cycle, The (flow chart) I-184

Carnivorous Plants (table) I-194

Cell, Parts of a Plant (drawing) III-822

Cell, Parts of the Plant (table) I-286

Central America, Selected Agricultural Products of (map) I-208

Central American Countries, Leading Agricultural Crops of (table) I-209

Chromosome, Schematic of a (drawing) I-229

Conifer Leaves (drawing) I-270

Conifers, Classification of (table) I-271

Corn-Producing Countries, 1994, Leading (bar graph) I-275

Crop Yields, Declining with Successive Harvests on Unfertilized Tropical Soils (bar graph) III-948

Crops and Places of Original Cultivation, Major (table) I-26

Crops of African Countries with More than 15 Percent Arable Land (table) I-15

Crops of Asian Countries with More than 15 Percent Arable Land (table) I-93

Crops of Central American Countries (table) I-209

Crops of European Countries with More than 20 Percent Arable Land (table) II-387

Crops of Pacific Island Nations (table) III-763

Cycads, Classification of (table) I-283

Darwin and the Beagle, Charles (sidebar/map) II-402

Deforestation, Results of (flow chart) I-295

Deforestation by Country, 1990-1995, Percentage of Annual (map) I-294

Desertification of Africa (map) I-301

Diatoms (drawing) I-308

Dicot (Eudicot) Families, Common (table) I-74

Dinoflagellates (drawing) I-312

Diseases, Symptoms of Plant (table) I-314

DNA, The Structure of (drawing) I-323

DNA Replication, Stages in (drawing) II-330

Drought, Impacts of (sidebar) II-336

Endangered Plant Species, A Sampling of the World's (table) II-352

Endocytosis (drawing) II-356

Endomembrane System, The (drawing) II-359

Eudicot (Dicot) Families Common in North America (table) II-376

Eukarya, Classification of Domain (table) IV-1106

Eukaryotic Cell, Parts of a (drawing) II-383

Europe, Selected Agricultural Products of (map) II-386

European Countries with More than 20 Percent Arable Land, Leading Agricultural

Crops of (table) II-387

Evolution of Plants (table) II-411

Exocytosis (drawing) II-357

Ferns, Classification of (table) II-420

Flower, Parts of a (drawing) II-429

Flower Shapes: Perianth Forms (drawing) II-433

Flower Structure, Variations in (drawing) II-430

Forest Areas by Region (pie chart) II-455

Forest Loss in Selected Developing Countries, 1980-1990 (bar graph) I-296

Fruit Types (drawing) II-465

Fruit Types and Characteristics (table) II-466

Fungi: Phyla and Characteristics (table) II-472

Garden Plants and Places of Original Cultivation (table) II-475

Genetically Modified Crop Plants Unregulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (table) . . . . II-496

Germination of a Seed (drawing) II-510

Ginkgophyta, Classification of Phylum (table) II-513

Gnetophytes, Classification of (table) II-518

Grasses of the United States, Common (table) II-523

Greenhouse Effect (drawing) II-535

Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 1990-1999, U.S. (table) II-536

Growth Habits (drawing) II-542

Gymnosperms, Classification of (table) II-544

Hormones and Their Functions, Plant (table) II-575

Hornworts, Classification of (table) II-579

Horsetails, Classification of (table) II-581

Hydrologic Cycle (drawing) II-594

Inflorescences, Some Common (drawing) II-601

Invasive Plants: Backyard Solutions (sidebar) II-606

Land Used for Agriculture by Country, 1980-1994, Increases in (map) I-38

Leading Peat-Producing Countries, 1994 (bar graph) III-780

Leaf, Parts of a (drawing) II-617

Leaf Arrangements, Common (drawing) II-620

Leaf Bases (drawing) II-626

Leaf Lobing and Division, Common Patterns of (drawing) II-623

Leaf Margins (drawing) II-624

Leaf Shapes, Common (drawing) II-628

Leaf Tips (drawing) II-625

Leaf Tissue, Cross-Section of (drawing) II-618

Leaves, Types of (drawing) II-622

Liverworts, Classification of (table) II-641

Lumber Consumption, U.S. (table) IV-1062

Lycophytes, Classification of (table) II-646

Meiosis: Selected Phases (drawing) II-679

Mendel's Pea-Plant Experiments, Results of (table) II-501

Mendel's Pea Plants (drawing) II-500

Miller-Urey Experiment (drawing) II-405

Mitochondrion, Structure of a (drawing) III-673

Mitosis (drawing) III-678

Monocot Families, Common (table) I-73

Monocot Families Common in North America (table) III-690

Monocots vs. Dicots, Characteristics of (table) III-688

Mosses, Classification of (table) III-695

Nastic Movement (drawing) III-704

Nitrogen Cycle (drawing) III-707

No-Tillage States, 1994-1997 (table) II-369

North America, Selected Agricultural Products of (map) III-715

Nutrients, Plant (table) III-735

Osmosis, Process of (drawing) III-752

Ovule, Parts of an (drawing) I-70

Ozone Hole, 1980-2000, Average Size of the (graph) III-758

Pacific Island Nations, Leading Agricultural Crops of (table) III-763

Persons Chronically Undernourished in Developing Countries by Region,

Phosphorus Cycle, The (drawing) III-792

Photoperiodism (drawing) III-794

Photosynthesis (drawing) III-801

Plant, Parts of a (drawing) III-840

Plantae, Phyla of Kingdom (table) III-844

Poisonous Plants and Fungi, Common (table) III-858

Pollination (drawing) III-864

Population Growth, 1950-2020, World and Urban (bar graph) II-587

Prokaryotic Cell, A (drawing) III-871

Protista, Phyla of (table) III-876

Rain Forests, African (Sidebar) III-884

Rice-Producing Countries, 1994 (bar graph) III-913

Root, Parts of a (drawing) III-921

Root Systems, Two (drawing) III-923

Roots, Water Uptake by (drawing) II-637

Rubber, End Uses of Natural (pie chart) III-928

Seed, Germination of a (drawing) II-510

Seedless Vascular Plants: Phyla and Characteristics (table) III-935

Seeds: Eudicots vs. Monocots (drawing) III-938

Seeds of Dissent (sidebar) II-497

Shoot, Parts of the (drawing) III-945

Silvicultural Methods, Environmental Effects of Select (flow chart) II-452

Soap and Water (sidebar) I-123

Soil Horizons (drawing) III-950

Soil Limits to Agriculture, by Percentage of Total Land Area (pie chart) III-961

Soil Orders in the U.S. Classification System, The Twelve (table) III-952

South America, Selected Agricultural Products of (map) III-966

Stem Structure (drawing) IV-1018

Time Line of Plant Biotechnology (table) III-816

Tissues, Plant (table) III-842

Transformation of Sunlight into Biochemical Energy (flow chart) II-365

Transport Across Cell Membranes, Mechanisms for (table) III-852

Tropical Soils, Declining Crop Yields with Successive Harvests on Unfertilized (bar graph) III-948

Tropisms (drawing) IV-1028

Water Through a Plant, The Path of (drawing) IV-1049

Water Uptake by Roots (drawing) II-637

Welwitschia: The Strangest Gymnosperm (sidebar) II-545

Wheat-Producing Countries, 1994 (bar graph) IV-1055

Wheat Stem Rust: Five Stages (table) III-931

World Food Production (bar graph) I-40

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