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3D CE MR portography can demonstrate the in-trahepatic and extrahepatic portal venous system as well as hepatic veins. Its advantages over DSA include its large field of view, its short imaging time, and its noninvasive nature and low risk of complications, which permit repeated studies. Clinical applications of 3D CE MR portographyin-clude portal hypertension (portosystemic shunt, portal veinobstruction, hepatic vein obstruction), hepatic encephalopathy, ascending portal thrombophlebitis, hepatocellular carcinoma and pancre-atobiliary tumors, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and differentiation of splanchnic arterial disease from portal venous disease [ 1, 15 ]. In patients with portal hypertension, 3D MR portography can be used to evaluate portosystemic shunt, hepatopetal collateral pathways, and obstruction of the portal or hepatic veins. Inplanning treatment for hepatic encephalopathy, it is important to identify the causative portosystemic shunt. In suspected cases of ascending portal thrombophlebitis, it is important to assess the severity of portal vein obstruction as well as portal collateral vessels. In patients with hepatocellular carcinoma or pancreatobiliary tumors, one must determine the presence or absence of portal vein invasion when planning treatment.

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