Can I still do Moving Table Peripheral MRA even if I dont have a Dedicated Moving Table

The answer is of course yes. However, there are several important drawbacks as follows:

1. 3D volumes independently tailored to the different anatomic locations is not possible (or at best extremely difficult). Therefore, lower resolution imaging must be accepted.

2. Registration of the pre-contrast mask and the post contrast images for subtraction is impossible without use of a home-made table position registration device.

3. The warranty on the MRI scanner may be voided if an un-approved method for moving the table is used.

Post-Processing (see Chapter I.4)

The MIP forms the basis of image display. Although other reconstruction algorithms such as surface-shaded display and video "angioscopy" (fly-through) are available, the MIP gives a satisfactory overview of the affected arteries and is the format closest to image display for conventional arteriography [48]. There is no universally accepted format for display of reconstructed images; however, the following format is widely accepted:

1. All data-sets should be interrogated using multiplanar reformatting, whole volume and subvolume MIP, to optimally demonstrate the arterial tree.

2. For the pelvis, at least three projections, corresponding to "standard" angiographic projections should be generated.

3. For the thighs, AP MIP's corresponding to "standard" angiographic projections should be generated.

4. For the legs, AP MIP's corresponding to "standard" angiographic projections should be generated in addition to

5. A lateral view of the ankle is essential in cases where vessels are identified to the level of the ankle joint.

6. Sub-volume MIP's of each renal artery and the visceral arteries where appropriate.

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