Conclusion and Future Outlook

In recent years, DWI has undergone rapid growth and development, such that the technique has escalated rapidly from an experimental tool to an established clinical methodology, the primary use of which has been in the evaluation of acute cerebral ischemia. Much like T1- and T2-relaxation, diffusivity can be thought of as an intrinsic tissue property. Thus, DWI may also be useful in imaging extracranial organs, such as the solid organs within the abdomen, or abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system. The ability to determine diffusion coefficients in vivo has great potential for furthering our understanding of normal and abnormal physiology, as well as for characterizing focal and diffuse disease within the human body. Historically, bulk physiologic motion has hampered the application of DWI to a wide variety of clinical questions. However, developments in MR hardware, pulse-sequences and computer science - all enhanced by the rapid evolution of parallelimaging improvements - have led to a robust tool with reasonable image quality and outstanding diagnostic potential.

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