Transportation Of Radioactive Tissues

If surgery and pathology departments are located in the same hospital, transportation of the radioactive tissues can be supervised by the local nuclear medicine physician or radiation safety officer. If radioactive tissues are transported between hospitals, there are additional legal requirements. Depending on the amount of 99mTc at the moment of transportation, adequate packaging, package labeling, and shipping papers are required. In general, the amounts of the 99mTc colloid in the tissue specimens do not exceed several megabecquerels, and chances of contamination are low because the radioactivity is totally embedded.

In most countries, transportation legislation is based on International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) standards [28]. The basic principles of transportation regulation in the United States and the European Union are described below. If transportation cannot be executed according to the local regulations, it may be necessary to store the tissues until the 99mTc has decayed. In all cases, it is sensible for the nuclear medicine physician or radiation safety officer to be aware of exceptions and changes to national regulations.

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