Patient Measurements In Breast Cancer

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Ten consecutive breast cancer patients, who were eligible for a sentinel node procedure according to the standard protocol of our hospital [11,14] were asked to cooperate with the measurements. Dose rates were registered at distances of 25, 50, and 100 cm from the injection site within 3 h after a peritumoral injection of 50±5 MBq 99mTc colloidal albumin (Nanocoll®, Sorin Radiofarmaci S.r.I., Saluggia, Italy) in 4 mL of saline. Due to injecting the tracer at different depths, the depots will have a varying geometric relation to the dose-rate meter, which may influence the measured dose-rate at short distances. Therefore, the dose rates at 10 and 15 cm were calculated from measurements at 50 cm with multiplication factors of 16.7 and 8.3, respectively. These multiplication factors were obtained from the breast phantom results. The dose rates thus obtained are displayed in Table 2.

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