Unless great care is taken to ensure that sentinel lymph nodes are identified with complete accuracy and that every sentinel node is found and examined when more than one is present in a node field, the sentinel lymphadenectomy technique will provide misleading information. By basing management decisions on information which is incorrect or incomplete, the likelihood of node field recurrence will be greatly increased and the chance of cure for the patient with melanoma may be jeopardized.

Three methods are currently available to locate sentinel nodes and confirm their identity. These are preoperative lymphoscintigraphy, blue dye injection at the time of surgery, and intraoperative use of a gamma probe. There is accumulating evidence that the three methods are best used in a complementary fashion rather than independently [1]. If this is done, the greatest possible accuracy will be achieved when performing sentinel lymphadenectomy, and it appears that reliable identification rates approaching 100% can be achieved by a surgeon with appropriate training and experience when all three modalities are employed [2].

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