Discussion Of Phantom And Patient Measurements

The dose rates as measured in melanoma patients were not significantly different from those in breast cancer patients (Student's ¿-test, p > 0.5). The higher dose rates obtained in the patient studies compared with the phantom results (Table 2) may have been caused by differences in geometric relations of the source to the dose-rate meter. The highest dose rates are used for further calculations, as is standard practice in radiation safety and protection protocols.

It can be assumed that, in clinical practice, the surgeon's hands will be at an average distance of 10 cm from the tumor. The dose rate to the surgeon's hands, with a breast tumor at a depth of 2 cm, will not exceed 11.7 |j,Sv/h/10 MBq. In the case of a melanoma, this will be 9.8 |iSv/h/10 MBq.

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