Foreword Donald L. Morton and Alistair J. Cochran iii

Preface vii

Contributors xv

1. Microanatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic System 1 Peter C. A. Kam, John F. Thompson, and Roger F. Uren

2. The History of Lymphatic Mapping 23 Roger F. Uren, John F. Thompson, and Robert Howman-Giles

3. Cutaneous Lymphoscintigraphy 43 Omgo E. Nieweg, Renato A. Valdes Olmos, Liesbeth Jansen,

B. Acca E. Kapteijn, and Cornelis A. Hoefnagel

4. Operative Technique for Sentinel Lymphadenectomy: Blue Dye

Identification and Use of a Gamma Probe 71

John F. Thompson

5. Comparison of the Physical Characteristics of Different Gamma

Detection Devices 87

Sara H. Muller, Tatiana B. Sazonova-Tiourina, and Albert Jan Arends

6. Results of Lymphatic Mapping in Melanoma 101 Richard Essner, Stacey Stern, Peter Bostick, and Donald L. Morton

7. Surgical Pathology of Dye-Directed Selective Lymph Node Dissection 125 Alistair J. Cochran, Donald L. Morton, and Duan-Ren Wen

8. Molecular Staging of Malignant Melanoma 141 Douglas S. Reintgen, Xiangning Wang, Weigno Li, and Steven Shiver

9. Breast Lymphoscintigraphy 157 Claudia G. Berman

10. Lymphatic Mapping in Breast Cancer 167 Nora M. Hansen and Armando E. Giuliano

11. Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Lymphadenectomy in

Carcinoma of the Vulva 185

Joanne A. de Hullu, Do A. Piers, Heimen Schraffordt Koops, Jan G. Aalders, and Ate G. J. van der Zee

12. Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Lymphadenectomy in

Carcinoma of the Penis 203

Simon Horenblas, Liesbeth Jansen, and Willem Meinhardt

13. Radiation Protection in the Sentinel Node Procedure 213 Rik Pijpers, Sybren Meijer, Peter H. Dignum, Otto S. Hoekstra,

Paul J. Borgstein, Arthur van Lingen, and Gerrit J. J. Teule

14. Implementation of Lymphatic Mapping in a Community

Hospital 225

D. Michael Rose, Armando E. Giuliano, and Richard Essner

15. Minimally Invasive Radioguided Parathyroidectomy 235 Colleen Jaffray and James Norman

16. Radioimmunoguided Surgery 245 Schlomo Schneebaum, Anton Troitsa, Shmuel Avital,

Riad Haddad, Eli Brazovsky, Gilad Gitstein, Joseph Papo, and Yehuda Skornick

17. Radioguided Open Bone Biopsy 267 Lary A. Robinson

18. Instructive Cases 283 Omgo E. Nieweg, Liesbeth Jansen, Roger F. Uren, and John F. Thompson

19. The Future of Lymphatic Mapping and Sentinel Lymphadenectomy 359 Bin B. R. Kroon, Liesbeth Jansen, Emiel J. Th. Rutgers, and Omgo E. Nieweg


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