Radionuclide techniques

Bone scintigraphy has been used widely for examination of patients suspected of having osteomyelitis. All nuclear medicine modalities use one or more of the stages of the functional cataract of inflammation or infection, which are activated as a part of the defense mechanisms of the host.

Bone scan

The bone scan typically becomes positive within 24 to 48 hours after the onset of symptoms [39,40]. The first examination of choice is a three-phase

Table 1

Radiographic-pathologic correlation in osteomyelitis

Radiographic-pathologic correlation in osteomyelitis

Table 1

Radiographic abnormality

Pathologic abnormality

Soft tissue swelling with

Vascular changes, edema of soft tissues, and

obliteration of tissue planes

infectious penetration of periosteum

and mass formation

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