The complexity of the tumor microenvironment characterized by the presence of multiple immune effector cells and a network of soluble factors such as cytokines, growth factors and proteases will be simplified for the purpose of this chapter. IL-10 will be granted the center stage at the crossroads of immune determination to emphasize its dual effects in simultaneously enhancing tumor progression or facilitating tumor destruction. The anti-tumor properties of IL-10 have been mostly attributed to the induction of natural-killer (NK) cells activation which leads to tumor destruction and increased antigen availability. In contrast, the anti-inflammatory properties of IL-10 have been ascribed mainly to inhibition of monocyte/macrophages immune function and induction of regulatory T cells. While the determinants of tumor progression or destruction remain to be elucidated, it is likely that the final outcome of cancer results from the combined networking activities of effector immune cells variably affected by IL-10. Overall, it seems to us that the stereotypic role assigned by the literature to IL-10 as immune suppressor/tumor enhancer does not accurately portray its role in the context of experimental and clinical cancer biology. A broader and more eclectic "immune regulatory" role may suit better the in vivo activity of this cytokine.

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