IL10 Polymorphisms and Other Autoimmune Diseases

IL-10 promoter polymorphisms have been analyzed in several auto-immune diseases. No association has been established between the different IL-10 promoter polymorphisms described above and susceptibility to psoriasis.84,85 In contrast, a predisposition for primary Sjögren Syndrome has been described in GCC (-1082/-819/-592) patient carriers.86,87 Moreover, this haplotype is associated with high levels of plasma IL-10 and seems to be related to the disease progression.86 A relationship between IL-10 microsatellite polymorphisms and biological markers of disease activity was also found in primary Sjögren Syndrome.88 In autoimmune diabetes, a study performed in one ethnic group showed that IL-10 promoter (-592A/C) polymorphism was a weak determinant for susceptibility to the disease in Japanese individuals. On the other hand, IL-10 (-592) polymorphism is associated with clinical heterogeneity.89 Additionally, within the same ethnic population, the frequency of the ATA/ATA (-1082/-819/-592) genotype was significantly higher in individuals with type 1 diabetes, stratified according to the age at disease onset.90 All of these findings also underscore the difficulty in comparing different studies in which various clinical and biological parameters are examined in individuals selected from different ethnic groups.

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