IL10 Gene Polymorphisms and Cancer

The literature concerning IL-10 polymorphism in cancer is very recent and is therefore still relatively small, but growing rapidly, with all publications dating from 2001. Results from these studies are summarised in Table 2 and each disease is considered in more detail below. From a casual inspection of Table 2, it will be noted that while all except one study is of case-control design, several studies have also investigated associations between particular IL-10 polymorphisms and markers of disease prognosis. Of the 15 studies listed, 6 have studied the IL-10 -1082 SNP alone and 8 have studied the IL-10 -1082, -819, -592 SNPs and haplotypes in case-control studies (in one study, cases only) of the malignancy in question. The IL-10G and IL-10R microsatellites were examined in the remaining study. Therefore all studies published thus far have focussed upon those polymorphisms for which there is direct evidence for a causal association with differential IL-10 expression (IL-10 -1082), or polymorphisms and haplotypes which act as markers for differential IL-10 expression (IL-10G and IL-10R microsatellites and IL-10 -1082, -819, -592 haplotypes). As yet, no published studies have performed detailed IL-10 SNP analysis or haplotyping across the complete IL-10 promoter and/or gene sequence in any malignancy.

In the following consideration of the studies summarised in Table 2, cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM), prostate (PC) and breast cancer (BC) are considered first, since angiogen-esis is crucial for the development of these tumors89 and indeed the extent of angiogenesis correlates with the probability of metastasis and/or prognosis in these malignancies.90-96

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