Sectional Anatomy Of The Hippocampus

Coronal, axial and sagittal sections of the hippocampus will be successively presented.

The bicommissural plane acted as a reference plane for axial sections parallel to this plane and for coronal sections perpendicular to it. Sagittal section are parallel to the median plane.

Some sections are parallel to a plane passing through the anterior commissure and the mamillary body (AC-MB plane), which is perpendicular to the hippocampal axis (Figs 3.25B, 3.27B and 3.29B) and one section is perpendicular to the AC-MB plane and parallel to the hippocampal axis (Fig. 3.19).

The illustrations for each section consist of a three-dimensional drawing that is then compared with the corresponding anatomical section and MRI. The MRI views are courtesy of:

• the Department of Neuroradiology of the Quinze-Vingts Hospital, Paris (Professors E.A. Cabanis and M.T. Iba-Zizen)

• the Department of Neurology of the NYU School of Medicine, New York, NY (Dr R.I. Kuzniecky)

• the Department of Neuroradiology of the J. Minjoz Hospital, Besançon (Professor J.F. Bonneville and Dr. F. Cattin).

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