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FIGURE 8.14 (A) A demonstration of the statistical decoding process for solution-phase assays. Each library pool is rank ordered by an in-house scoring function that predicts the probability of discovering an active compound by decoding the active wells in the pool. In this example, the score of one pool stands well above the rest of the library pools. (B) The biological activities from the wells of the highly scored pool are rank ordered. The presence of two activity distributions would indicate a good probability of finding an active compound. Here the higher active distribution consists of eleven wells. Upon decoding of the beads from the eleven highly active wells reveals that all eleven wells have one compound in common. This observation is well outside the possibility of happening by pure chance as calculated by a Monte Carlo program. MC avg. refers to the average number of occurrences by a Monte Carlo program. MC Std. refers to the standard deviation of each MC avg.

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