The Role of Caveolin1 in Tumor Cell Survival and Cancer Progression 249

Dana Ravid and Mordechai Liscovitch

12.1 Introduction 249

12.2 The Caveolin-1 Gene and its Regulation During Differentiation and Transformation 250

12.3 Divergent Expression of Caveolin-1 in Human Cancer: The Case of Lung Cancer 251

12.4 Actions of Caveolin-1 in Cancer Cells: Effects of Heterologous Expression and Genetic or Functional Suppression 252

12.4.1 Anti-Proliferative Activity of Caveolin-1 252

12.4.2 Pro-Apoptotic Activity of Caveolin-1 253

12.4.3 Survival-Promoting Activity of Caveolin-1 253

12.5 Molecular Mechanisms Implicated in the Pro-Survival Action of Caveolin-1 254

12.6 The Role of Tyr14 Phosphorylation in Caveolin-1-Mediated Signaling 256

12.7 Stress-Induced Changes in Caveolin-1 Expression 257

12.8 Concluding Remarks 258 Acknowledgments 259 Abbreviations 259 References 260

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