The Role of Caveolae and Noncaveolar Rafts in Endocytosis

Bo van Deurs, Frederik Vilhardt, Maria Torgersen, Kirstine Roepstorff, Anette M. Hommelgaard, and Kirsten Sandvig

4.1 Introduction 69

4.2 Caveolae are Largely Immobile, Nonendocytic Membrane Domains 71

4.3 Caveolae May Show Local, Short-Range Motility: A Role in Transendothelial Transport? 73

4.4 An Internalization Wave of Caveolae can be Stimulated by Virus 74

4.5 Role of Caveolae in Endocytosis of Cholera Toxin 75

4.6 A Small Fraction of Caveolae may become Constitutively Internalized 81

4.7 Caveosomes: Intracellular Caveolin-Associated Structures 82

4.8 The Role of Dynamin in Caveolar Function 83

4.9 Caveolin Immobilizes Rafts/Caveolar Invaginations 83

4.10 A 2005 Consensus Model for Caveolar Endocytosis 85 Acknowledgments 85

Abbreviations 86 References 86

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