The Biophysical Characterization of Lipid Rafts

Pranav Sharma, Rajat Varma, and Satyajit Mayor

3.1 Introduction: The Fluid Mosaic Model and Membrane Domains 45

3.2 The Origin of the Raft Hypothesis 45

3.3 The Role of Lipid-Anchored Proteins in the Development of the Membrane Raft Hypothesis 48

3.4 The Case For and Against DRMs as Evidence for "Rafts" in Cell Membranes 49

3.5 Why Are Biophysical Studies Useful for Understanding Lipid Rafts? 51

3.6 Diffusion-Based Measurements 52

3.6.1 Single-Molecule Studies 52

3.6.2 Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching 55

3.6.3 Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy 57

3.7 Proximity Measurements 59

3.7.1 Proximity Measurement Using Homo-FRET 60

3.7.2 Proximity Measurement Using Hetero-FRET 62

3.8 Conclusions 63 Abbreviations 64 References 64

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