Role of Cholesterol in Signal Transduction from Caveolae

Christopher J. Fielding and Phoebe E. Fielding

5.1 Introduction 91

5.2 Lipids of Caveolae 93

5.3 Proteins in Caveolae 95

5.4 The Caveolin Scaffold Hypothesis 98

5.4.1 Does the Scaffold Motif in Signaling Proteins that are Present in Caveolae Represent the Contact Site of these Proteins with Caveolin? 99

5.5 FC Binding by Proteins Including Caveolin 101

5.6 FC in Caveolae: Effects of Depletion and Loading 102

5.7 FC Changes in Caveolae: Effects of Signal Transduction 104

5.8 Summary 107 Abbreviations 107 References 107

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