Phosphorylation of Caveolin and Signaling from Caveolae 116

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Cynthia Corley Mastick, Amy Sanguinetti, Haiming Cao, and Suhani Thakker

6.1 Introduction 115

6.2 Signaling Pathways Leading to Caveolin Tyrosine Phosphoryla-tion 116

6.2.1 Caveolins-1 and -2 are Phosphorylated in Response to Insulin in Adipocytes 116

6.2.2 The Caveolins are not Direct Substrates of the Insulin Receptor 117

6.2.3 Src-Family Kinases and Stress-Induced Caveolin Phosphorylation 118

6.2.4 Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinases and Insulin-Induced Caveolin Phosphorylation 119

6.2.5 Abl is a Caveolin Kinase 120

6.2.6 Abl and Fyn Cooperate in the Caveolin Phosphorylation Signaling Pathway 121

6.2.7 Model of the Interaction of Fyn and Abl in Caveolin Phosphorylation 122

6.3 Signaling Pathways Downstream of Caveolin Tyrosine Phosphorylation 123

6.3.1 Csk Binds to Phosphocaveolin 124

6.3.2 Regulation of Src-Family Kinases by Csk 125

6.3.3 Feedback Inhibition of Fyn Through Activation of Csk 125

6.3.4 Phosphocaveolin in the Loop 126

6.3.5 Src-Family Kinases, Csk and Actin Remodeling 127

6.3.6 Phosphocaveolin is Enriched at Sites of Attachment of the Actin Cytoskeleton to the Plasma Membrane 127

6.3.7 Abl in the Loop 129

6.3.8 Abl and Actin Remodeling 130

6.3.9 Insulin-Induced Actin Remodeling, GluT4 Translocation, and Caveolae 131

6.3.10 The Role of Caveolin Phosphorylation in Cells 131

6.4 Summary 133 Abbreviations 133 References 134

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