Lipid Rafts Caveolae and Membrane Traffic

Doris Meder and Kai Simons

1.1 Introduction 1

1.2 Basic Organization Principles of a Cell Membrane 1

1.3 Evidence for Phase Separation in Model Membrane Systems: Liquid-Ordered and Liquid-Disordered Phases 3

1.4 Evidence for Phase Separation in Cell Membranes: The "Raft Concept" 5

1.5 Raft Domains are Clustered to Exert their Function S

1.6 The Apical Membrane of Epithelial Cells: A Percolating Raft Membrane at 25 °C 9

1.7 Caveolae: Scaffolded Membrane Domains Rich in Raft Lipids 10

1.8 Caveolae and Lipid Rafts in Membrane Traffic 12 Abbreviations 17

References 17

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