Caveolin and its Role in Intracellular Chaperone Complexes 175

William V. Everson and Eric J. Smart

8.1 Caveolae and Caveolin-1 175

8.2 Caveolin Protein Structure, Domains, and Membrane Interactions 177

8.3 Caveolin Expression and Localization in the Cell 178

8.4 Caveolin Expression and Localization Varies Depending on the Physiological State of Cells in Culture 180

8.5 Caveolin-1 Expression Confers a New Level of Regulation 182

8.6 Caveolae Cholesterol and Caveolin Localization to Caveolae 182

8.7 Caveolin and Cholesterol Cross Membranes During Trafficking 183

8.8 Two Chaperone Complexes Regulate a Caveola-Cholesterol Trafficking Cycle 184

8.9 Caveolae Linked to Nongenomic Actions and Uptake of Estrogen 185

8.10 Protein Acylation and Caveolae 186

8.11 Scavenger Receptors Localize to Caveolae 187

8.12 Cholesterol Homeostasis Regulates Caveolin Localization and Organization of other Proteins in Caveolae 187

8.13 Chaperone Complexes Involved in Cholesterol Transport in Specialized Tissues 188

8.14 Caveolin is Linked to Additional Sterol and Lipid Uptake and Trafficking Pathways 188

8.15 Conclusions 189 Abbreviations 189 References 189

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