Introduction 8

Chapter I. The Boy Professor 10

Sidebar: What Holds Molecules Together? 23

Chapter 2. Witness to Revolution 24

Sidebar: Bohr's Atom 38

Chapter 3. The Bond 44

Sidebar: The Semiempiricist 53

Chapter 4. A Scientist at War 62

Sidebar: The Fabric and the Chain 70

Chapter 5. The Triple Helix 78

Sidebar: The Molecule of Life 94

Chapter 6. The Price of Peace 100

Sidebar: The Science of Free Speech 105

Chapter 7. Vitamin C 116

Sidebar: Vitamin C Mutants 122

Chronology I 34

Further Reading 138

Index 141

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Charles Babbage

Alexander Graham Bell

Nicolaus Copernicus

Francis Crick & James Watson

Marie Curie

Charles Darwin

Thomas Edison

Albert Einstein

Michael Faraday

Enrico Fermi

Benjamin Franklin

Sigmund Freud

Galileo Galilei

William Harvey

Joseph Henry

Edward Jenner

Johannes Kepler

Othniel Charles Marsh & Edward Drinker Cope

Margaret Mead Gregor Mendel

Isaac Newton

Louis Pasteur

Linus Pauling

Ivan Pavlov

Ernest Rutherford iilftiifjiiiliiiifiiiilii

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