Pollution Redox

Figure 4.4 DGGE profiles of bacterial communities in an aquifer polluted by landfill leachate. Profiles are shown for samples at different distances and depths; for each lane the level of pollution is indicated (P, in the plume; C, outside the plume, below, above or remote). The right-hand column identifies the dominant redox process of the sample: Fe(III), iron reduction; NO;T, denitrification. The profiles were clustered on the basis of similarity measured by Pearson's correlation coefficient, using the unweighted pair-group method using an arithmetic average (UPGMA). There is a clear separation between clean samples and polluted samples, although the latter group comprises three clean samples (which were actually suspected of being influenced by the plume as well). Degradation of contaminants is taking place under iron-reducing conditions. From Roiling et al. (2001) by permission of the American Society for Microbiology.

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