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Wayne G Paprosky Todd D Sekundiak and John Kronick

Despite the increasing number of total knee arthroplasties being performed,1 the rate of periprosthetic tibial fractures has remained low. Healy performed a retrospective review of the English-language literature from 1970 to 1992 and found 32 reported cases in nine published articles.2-11 These fractures are much less common than supracondylar femoral fractures with Cordeiro and associates reporting a relative ratio of nine to one.4 Treatment options for these fractures have included a host of different operative and nonoperative techniques with revision arthroplasty being indicated in a select group.

Haeckel Pasteur and speculations on the origin of life in the nineteenth century

How could the intellectually elite be unaware of Pooh-Bah's genealogy and its contribution to the origin of life The Mikado is easily the most popular piece of musical theater ever written in the English language. There was a time when performances of this work were on the stage somewhere in the English-speaking world every day of the year. The late Thomas Hughes Jukes (1906-99) and I seem to be the only ones to have noticed Sir William Gilbert's contribution to the origin of life (Jukes, 1997 Yockey, 1992,1995, 2000).

English Grammar

Each nationality has its own black spots. Inevitably all speakers gain their own reputation too, in this cruel world of ours. The problem is that when you start learning English, there are all these big smiles telling you On the one hand pronunciation is difficult but on the other hand grammar is so easy.

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